GCC Debug Information Overhead

Investigating how debug flags affect disk usage and build times.

Android Color Formats

A list of Android Image/Color/Pixel format number

Using NetworkManager for Ethernet on Ubuntu

I've always wondered why on Ubuntu I can manage my Wi-Fi adapters with NetworkManager, but not my (USB) Ethernet adapters. After googling around, I never found out why, so I decided to do some digging.

WD My Passport LED Control for Linux

Investigating how to control the blinking LED on a WD My Passport hard disk, and writing a small Linux utility.

Some Nicer Errors for SDCC

I saw some bad error messaging while watching a video on YouTube, so decided to fix it

BitLocker on Linux with Cryptsetup

Fixing a bug in Cryptsetup to allow Linux to mount my Windows 10 partition

Elecom WRC-733FEBK - Part 1: Investigation

I bought this cute little router from Yodobashi Camera a few weeks ago for about 2,000JPY. So I figured this weekend I'd spend some time hacking around with it!

Android Settings Reset Using ADB

After enabling "Simulate secondary displays", my phone locked up. So I reboot and it locks up again during boot... sigh...

Dell Precision 690 Power Usage

I recently got an old P690 workstation for home and have been a little curious about its power consumption.

PS2 Graphics Synthesizer Fill Performance

Thoughts on drawing large primitives on the PS2

DebConf Issues on OpenSolaris

With new system calls added to lx-brand it's possible to run an up-to-date Debian in an OpenSolaris zone, but apt will not work correctly

Debian Squeeze in a Solaris BrandZ Zone!

I wanted to run some debian squeeze programs on my opensolaris machine in a branded zone but after successfully installing it using some guide I found online I noticed that lots of commands fail due to functions not being implemented!

Pixel-Perfect Sprites on the PS2

In this doc I'll explain why the obvious ways of drawing sprites using linear mapping may cause unnecessary blurrynes.